About Me


I am devoted lover of food, travel and books, as well as a teacher, part-time writing professor, and writer. I learned my way around from the kitchen from the best: my mother and her family. I also grew up working in the restaurant industry, and had the opportunity to see many artists work their craft. I don’t profess to be a master chef, but I do know the philosophy of fresh, local and organic whenever possible is the way to go. However, I do believe in being practical first:)

glad i am not the only one who finds humor from the ridiculousness of food network!

I will share my comfort recipes and as well as new experiments. I shamelessly steal and modify from others. Often my recipes will reflect time-saving moves during the school year (which reflect my reality) vs. bigger, creative projects during the summer.

I also keep a blog devoted to travel, eating out, and books. Check it out when you have a moment – A Simple Soul

I hope you enjoy, and share with me any recipes or tips you have!


Instagram: vanva1

Facebook: VA Palencia

Link to my book & travel blog: A Simple Soul


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